VH1 Rock Doc ''Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who'' Premi

VH1 Rock Doc ''Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who'' PremiVH1 Rock Doc ''Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who'' Premi

  NEW YORK, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who," a definitive, exhilarating feature-length film on the legendary British rock band, The Who is the newest documentary to premiere in the Emmy award winning VH1 Rock Docs franchise.

Authorized by The Who, produced by Spitfire Pictures'' Nigel Sinclair (No Direction Home: Bob Dylan) and Trinifold''s Robert Rosenberg, executive produced by Trinifold''s Bill Curbishley, and directed by Paul Crowder (Once In a Lifetime) and Academy Award? winner Murray Lerner (Festival), "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who," premieres commercial free on VH1 Saturday, November 3 at 9pm and will be simulcast on VH1 Classic and will run commercial free on MHD: Music High-Definition, MTV Network''s high-definition music channel. Spanning over four decades, the film tells the unfolding story of The Who and how they have straddled the rock world for forty years, in a tale as gripping in adventure, life and personality as the searing power of their music. The film features all-new, never-before-seen interviews with Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and others, rare and recently discovered concert footage, artist profiles and more, all in 5.1 Surround Sound.

"Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones," a sister project and a second feature film, made up of six integrated parts will be available on VH1Classic.com beginning Tuesday, November 6. The band''s monumental legacy is celebrated in this companion DVD which takes us through, in four individual pieces, the virtuoso musical abilities of each band member: Roger Daltrey; Pete Townshend; John Entwistle; and Keith Moon; Who Art You, a segment looking into the Mod and Pop Art movements, and finally in Who''s Back, a 2003 studio recording session captured by legendary filmmakers, the Pennebakers, of The Who recording their hit song "Real Good Looking Boy" from the album Then and Now, the band''s first new studio recording in over 20 years.

"Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who" moves from the group''s origins as a 1960''s schoolboy R&B cover band, through their meteoric rise and artistic breakthroughs, to the infighting, the breakups and reconciliations, and the untimely deaths of drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle. In addition to never-before-seen private materials released by the group and its fans worldwide, the film includes interviews with prominent witnesses and personal friends such as Sting, U2''s The Edge, Pearl Jam''s Eddie Vedder and Oasis'' Noel Gallagher. Rare and unreleased concert footage and outtakes are also featured from: Monterey, Woodstock, The Isle of Wight 1970, Live At Leeds, The Concert for NYC, and other seminal concerts.

Beginning with their first hit single "I Can''t Explain," The Who emerged from Mod-Era London to electrify the world with their unique sound. The music and live performances of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon tore through the existing boundaries of rock. The band has recorded 11 remarkable albums, including the world''s first rock opera Tommy, and the ensuing masterwork Quadrophenia. The British legends produced some of the most compelling and original music of the era, including the songs, "Won''t Get Fooled Again," "Happy Jack," "Pictures of Lily" and the immortal "My Generation." The feature film brings the band''s story right up to date with footage from the band''s recent tour and tracks from the band''s first album in two decades ''Endless Wire''.

Marking 40 years since The Who''s first U.S. appearance in North America, Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who and Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones, two exhilarating feature-length films about one of the seminal and most influential rock bands in history, produced by Spitfire Pictures in association with Trinifold Management, will be released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment on DVD on November 6, 2007.

"Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who" reintroduces The Who now and to generations-to-come, as it tells one of the greatest stories of rock. The companion feature film, "Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones," takes the viewer inside the mysteries that drive a rock band to the pinnacle of musical achievement.

"Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who" is the latest film in the VH1 Rock Docs franchise. VH1 Rock Docs are high-end feature-length documentaries that each reveal an untold story in the history of rock and hip-hop music, combining never-before-seen footage with a unique and unconventional narrative approach. The documentaries tell some of the most unique stories of artists and music from a wide range of genres, styles, and musical perspectives. Since its launch, the VH1 Rock Docs brand has produced and aired such films as "Heavy: The Story of Metal," "The Drug Years," "Last Days of Left Eye," "Bling''d: Blood, Diamonds and Hip Hop," "The U.S. vs. John Lennon," and "NY77: The Coolest Year In Hell" among others. VH1 Rock Docs recently picked up its first Emmy win as "DMC: My Adoption Journey" was awarded a 2007 News & Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming.

Log onto VH1Classic.com to watch classic videos from The Who and for more information on "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who."

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