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Understanding Intel and AMD's 2020 with one picture

(6 min ago) Taking stock of Intel and AMD in 2020, there are many perspectives, such as products, sales volume, revenue, reputation, etc. of course, they are all mature enterprises, which can also be inspected through the performance of the stock market. CNBC statistics show that AMD's share price has risen by 96.64% in the past year (end of year vs beginning of year), outperforming the market.

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Huawei's new flagship processor: named Kirin 9010 with 3nm process

(34 min ago) Huawei's next-generation Kirin flagship processor may not be far away. A few days ago, a well-known foreign blogger @ rodent950 revealed that Huawei's next-generation processor will be named Kirin 9010 and will adopt advanced 3nm technology.

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Back to the moon? Most Americans don't care at all

(52 min ago) For the exploration of space, the enthusiasm of Americans has never subsided. From the Apollo program of last century to the manned dragon spacecraft of today, the United States has never given up its dream of sending human beings to the moon and deep space, and even made plans to return to the moon in 2024 and land on Mars in 2030.

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On January 1, 9.078 million tickets were sold nationwide, and 7.788 million tickets were sold on the Internet

(54 min ago) On January 2, the official website of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. announced that on January 2, the national railway is expected to send 7.2 million passengers and open 386 additional passenger trains. On January 1, 9.893 million passengers were sent across the country, an increase of 481 000 or 5.1% year on year.

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Logo exposure Intel 500 Series motherboard: native support for 11th generation core desktop processor

(54 min ago) Before the official release of the rumored CES 2021, vcz exposed a number of logo family photos of Intel 500 Series chipset (motherboard), including z590, b560 and h510, covering high, middle and low grades. according to the information disclosed, the 500 Series chipset will support PCI 4.0, ddr4-3200 memory, etc.

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Mobile phone manufacturers join in Gan fast charging!

(1 hr ago) In 2019, only one mobile phone manufacturer launched a GaN fast charging model. This year can be called the first year of Gan fast charging, and a new charging category has just been born. So much so that this category has never received any attention before.

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Children's first Tesla! Model y children's walker on shelves: price 699 yuan

(1 hr ago) Perhaps in order to promote the Tesla brand to children, the model y children's walker is on the shelves of Tesla's official website. previously, Tesla and Radio Flyer, an American toy company, launched the model s for kids children's electric car in 2018, which is suitable for children aged 3 to 8, with a maximum speed of 10 km / h. It is said that it will be fully charged in three hours and the price is $499.99.

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The domestic Tesla Model y is only sold for 340000 yuan! It is said that more than 100000 vehicles have been ordered on the first day

(1 hr ago) On New Year's day this year, that is, yesterday, Tesla officially announced that the domestic model y was officially launched on the official website to open an appointment. The total launch of two models, the price compared with the imported version is a substantial discount, a sensation for the whole network. Today, it is also reported that domestic medel Y's orders are extremely hot, and yesterday's orders exceeded 100000.

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Children's first Tesla Model y children's walker on the shelf: price 699 yuan

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